Hello. Before you is the best project armed with modern technologies of automation, training and income generation with revolutionary marketing. Participants will receive educational courses for a specialist in international real estate trade and other valuable courses in organizing modern business, both online and offline. At the same time, they earn in two packages, and also get the opportunity to buy an apartment, a car on loan without any interest. They get the opportunity to receive investments for the business, without any interest:
Logining to the project
For citizens of Uzbekistan, the equivalent of US $ 100 in soums through a UZCARD debit card. For citizens of other countries, the equivalent of USD 100 in Bitcoin. Upon agreement with the mentor, the participant can pay in any electronic or other currency.
Receiving product
The participant receives valuable courses at every stage of the sale of real estate, the organization of modern types of online and offline business to automate the sale. The materials will be constantly improved. The participant can, by teaching these materials, create and grow their own business in various industries, make big money or make big money by participating in a marketing program.
Earning opportunities
When participants pay for courses, the respective mentor will automatically receive 50% to their wallet without limitation. The money received will amount to $ 50 for a 1-course, $ 100 for a 2-course, $ 200 for a 3-course, $ 400 for a 4-course, and payment for a 5-course is sent to the company's account, to the fund for a loan. The system itself sells according to a unique scheme from the 2nd to the 5th courses. When a participant earns enough money after paying for the next course to proceed to the next course, the system forces to pay to the corresponding mentor on time for the next course. This scheme is beneficial to all participants. Recall that for this package, the number of sales of all courses has no limit. When 10 people are invited for the first package, the potential earnings for the fourth course sales will amount to more than 4,000,000 US dollars. For fifth-course sales, the potential loan fund for a participant could be over 80 million.
Obtaining loans and return scheme
A participant can get a loan without interest and without collateral for buying an apartment, for buying a car and for receiving investments for creating or developing a business. After receiving the loan, the participant does not have to return the loan received. Future cash receipts as earnings from the network are automatically sent to the company's account to repay the loan. As soon as the amount of proceeds for repayment is equal to the loan received, the block is removed, and the next earnings will be sent to the participant. Before repayment of the loan, the participant uses the received property by power of attorney, after repayment, the property is registered in the name of the participant. So, the funds formed in the Loan Fund practically belong to the participant. He uses them without risk.
Receiving investments for business projects
Borrowed funds can be used to create or develop a business. If you organize this business on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the amount of borrowed funds can be increased by 25%. You can also consider the option of venture participation in the project from the company. When organizing a business in the Republic of Uzbekistan, our company will help with all the necessary services to start.